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Lorelei has already told you that.’ Over the next few days an extraordinary series of coincidences, involving myself, friends and family, reinforced the connection between my soulmate and the name Lorelei.

“One evening after attending a healing session, Leigh and I were in a coffee shop.

In fact she’s never been born in the 20th century for Richard from Havant in Hampshire believes that he and his friends are in communication with his soulmate Lorelei with whom he lived many past lives. “At first she was upset that I gave my attention to someone else but gradually she’s coming around.

After all Lorelei is not here in the physical sense and I’ve obviously chosen to live this life with my wife Jo.” For 6 years Richard has been writing a ‘Spiritual CV’ about his past lives at the astonishing rate of 80,000 words a year.

According to the legends she lived near the Black Forest at the famous crag that overhangs the Rhine downstream from Bacharach in Germany.

For Richard King, Lorelei is a real personage with whom he has shared past lives.

I sat in meditation asking Lorelei to send healing to her as the operation took place.

I saw Jo and Lorelei surrounded in a pink cloud of healing light.

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“Whilst in London Michael suggested that we take a walk in Richmond Park.I was overcome by an eyrie feeling of dejavu as we walked down the paths.