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29-Jul-2017 21:37

They include: Vietnam has the fastest growing percentage of ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI), those having a net worth of at least US million, in the world, according to the global real estate consultancy, Knight Frank.In its 2015 Wealth Report it predicted that the percentage of UHNWI would double by 2024, an increase of 159%.Some 919,484 of them, or 77% of the total, are from Asia.Compared to July 2015, the total number of active international students studying in the US increased 13.3%.Vietnam is also nipping at the heels of Canada, something that was unimaginable seven years ago when it was not even in the top 10.

Unlike the Institute of International Educations Open Doors statistics, which are based on data collected the previous year and include higher education enrolment only, SEVIS data are real-time and encompass all levels of the educational system.There are currently 1.2 million international students studying in the United States, nearly 75% of whom are enrolled in bachelor, masters or doctoral programmes.California, New York and Texas enrol 36% of all students.As the most popular overseas study destination, US higher education is a brand.

This is in spite of a high visa denial rate over the summer for many universities, especially in the Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, and growing concern about personal safety as a result of the recent spate of mass shootings.Spotlight on Vietnam One of the shining highlights of the SEVIS report is the breakneck growth in Vietnamese enrolments at all levels of the US educational system, especially at its colleges and universities. It recorded an astounding 18.9% increase from July to November 2015, the third highest after India (20.7%) and China (19.4%).