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Yeah, I tell Scot the story and he puts it on a party bus because we're filming the show in Vegas. I followed that image of Elvis to James Dean to Travolta in . I just had a dream to create this kind of character for people. So when we got on set, I sent my son, Max, to get Woody [].When you see me getting angry, I really did want to knock the guy's teeth out. I remember telling my parents, "I want to create the Elvis of comedy. "Tell him I gotta see him right now." So Woody comes to the jewelry store when we're filming, and goes, "What do you wanna talk to me about? He'll play the Cate Blanchett part."And as we're doing this scene, Cate Blanchett comes into the jewelry store.

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And yet she went on to become the biggest female comic to ever walk on earth. I was creating my own style of acting on a comedy stage. You know, my wife, Valerie, she's been with me for seven years. She's from fuckin' South Philly with 10 brothers and sisters. I'm not going with the fake shit." And I'm not talking about cocaine; I've never touched any hard drugs in my life. Usually, when I smoke pot it's at night, when I'm home in my backyard just to chill. I wish I was friends with him for the last 30 years. I remember the phone ringing and my wife Trina goes, "The guy says it's Martin Scorsese." So I get on the phone. We'd laugh for a half hour and he'd hang up. But I never believed it was him., I said "Marty, I gotta ask you one thing, because I need it settled in my mind. '" Then I go, "So why didn't you ever use me before?

I would go on at around 11pm, and stay on there for about three hours at Dangerfield's in New York.

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