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09-Jan-2018 15:27

Ensure that you select the option that coincides with your Microsoft SQL server options; otherwise, authentication fails.When applying a Service Pack to a production SQL server, I usually have a planned downtime window of around 30 minutes.SQL Server 2000 was a really solid release, and with SP4, it's a really stable database platform.Yes, it's old and support ends next year, but we'll see people using it for many years to come.I think we all try and have checks so that does not happen, but along comes Murphy, and well an ounce of prevention...Is there a chance of finding an issue between the two screens?Besides, if you don't reboot now you'll need to do it next month when the next pack comes out because that IS a patch blocker.But to address the elephant in the room even if you're patching just one or two servers then you should allocate more time than 30 minutes; 60-120 minutes is about right especially if you have AGs/FCIs/mirroring/replication and Enterprise features.

But in reality, any sever can fall of the patch/update list, and you don't figure out until you do something like a service pack.

@James Jenkins Can you snapshot the "older server", spin it up as a VM somewhere, test on that, and then throw it away when you're done?

Obviously requires having some hardware available, but if you can throw it away when you're done, much less than duplicating the entire fleet of [email protected] Jenkins: I've used VMWare's converter to copy a running physical machine to a VM for testing in the past, and I assume similar tools exist for Hyper V and so forth.

The only thing which can happen is after successful upgrade you need to start the windows machine.

This as such is NOT going to cause SP to fail I am sorry it looks like my question was not clear.

After deploying the ZENworks Appliance to a virtual machine, perform the following steps to configure ZENworks Appliance for the first Primary Server: For subsequent deployments of Primary Servers to the Management Zone, the same CA must be used to create the Secured Certificate with the Private Key that is established by the first Primary Server’s deployment.