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27-Aug-2017 19:28

Find the correct modem driver: CD-Rom ships with your modem or find a XP or Win2k-compatible driver from your modem vendor (or internet download sites). Suppose a person with a calling card wants to make a long distance call.

The normal process is to dial a prefix code, followed by the area code and a phone number.

After that you can only dial up to the internet but can not record your phone calls with your Modem at all. Expand the Modems tab by clicking on the , and your modem should be listed. You can de-activate this service at any time by pressing *87.

If you are sure your modem supports VOICE, please Update or Reinstall the correct modem driver. These are modem's special dialing options: -wait-for-billing-tone ($) -wait-for-quiet (@) -wait-for-dial tone (W) Wait-for-billing-tone can be used when dialing with a Calling Card.

) is not checked, dialer will remove that area code digits from the calling number.

On the other hand, when the dialing number does not include local area code but that option is checked, dialer will automatically insert local area code number. Users with Windows 98 and higher should have that option selected.

For a modem to work with Windows TAPI, the modem must have voice drivers and sound devices.

For budget conscious individuals wanted to use headphones there is a way around.

In such case user should set in Dialing Properties: "Not to dial '1' for selected area codes" and insert those area codes in the appropriate field.