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01-Aug-2017 11:54

6 watts from a 8″ combo amp is simply not enough to deliver distinct clean tones on stages and in larger practise rooms together with a drummer.But there are many players out there who don’t need clean tone and, in their mission of rock’n roll, have modified the Champ with a switch that disengages the tone stack to get a loud and hugely distorted Marshall/Tweed tone.Single strings will come out clean as a ringing church bell while hard pick attacks and chords will have some hair on it.Add a little reverb from your favorite 9V reverb pedal and you’re in tone heaven, anywhere you go.Even without a huge bottom end there are enough mids and screaming highs to cut through in most bands.Personally we have not modified the tone stack on these amps since we are clean tone hunters.

Given its small size and low output the Champ is mostly used as a practise amp at home or in studios.The Vibro Champ has tremolo, which is volume/amplitude shifting.