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22, 1953 for Fishing Reel and Murvall 3,532,296, issued Oct. 1, specifically that structure seen in the housing 12.6, 1970 for Line Spool Braking Device for Fishing Reels. This particular construction relates to the clutch mechanism for disconnecting the spool from the driving mechanism, including an automatic reengaging device for the clutch, and particularly the gearing communicating between the shaft carrying the spool and the shaft connecting to the wind-up handle.

If your rod is within the original warranty period, we will need to inspect your rod to determine the nature of the defect. Finger grip handle attachment 39 and handle 23 are threaded and mounted (respectively) on the outboard section of shaft 25, the latter secured by nut 40.A pair of upright posts 41 and 42 fixed to the outboard surface of plate 20 carry grooved sleeves 43 and 44 thereon. 4 Claims, 9 Drawing Figures INSERT (SUBSTITUTE) DRIVE GEARS TO PRODUCE FAST RETRIEVE IN CERTAIN FISHING REELS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The Ambassadeur 50 Series of bass fishing reels manufactured in Svangsta, Sweden by ABU Aktiebolag and sold in the United States by the Garcia Corporation of 329 Alfred Avenue, Teaneck, N.

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[57] ABSTRACT Improvements in Ambassadeur 50 Series reels of the Garcia Corporation of Teaneck, New J ersey which enable transformation of same from slow retrieve to fast retrieve reels by mere substitution of two gears therein; novel and improved insert and substitute pinion and drive gears for such reels; methods of manufacture of an improved pinion gear construction of very small scale utilizing a reinforcing collar; an improved, integral pinion gear, shaft and clutch configuration.

Another object of the invention is to provide novel and improved insert gears for the Ambassadeur 50 Series reels of the Garcia Corporation of 329 Alfred Avenue, Teaneck, N]. In the Garcia Ambassadeur 50 Series reels, the mechanism in the housing 11 typically involves a mechanical brake (not detailed in these figures), the tension of which may be adjusted (for lure weight) by means of the knurled knob 15 seen to the left in FIG. The instant improvement does not relate to any of the bearings, gearing or construction involved in or related to the mechanism in or associated with housing 11 and knurled knot 15 and thus same will not be described. As a specific example, the Murvall 2,652,991 drawings and disclosure do not show the braking device of Borgstrom 2,489,447 supra, incorporated therewith as is here shown and has been described with respect to FIG. However, the novelty and improvement with respect to which the instant specification is directed is not to be found in any of the parts of the conventional up dated representations of the Abu-Garcia reel here shown, but only in the cooperating gear configuration to be described which transforms the said conventional Abu-Garcia 5000-6000 Series reel to a fast retrieve reel.