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Sarah tried hard not to think about that when she did have time to think.The new financial district was actually on the other side of the river from Sassy Street and was now getting the reputation as the new "Official" face of Center City.It gave a sense of the agent or manager actually being there working with the client versus a much more impersonal email or phone call.And with some of the more advanced systems you could make even more of an impression.This is one about the perils of using technology to "save money" for you company. ***** IN A 37th FLOOR CORNER OFFICE IN CENTER CITY Sarah was hard at work comparing costs on a spreadsheet.Sometimes it's not the wisest thing to go the cheapest. She was known as a hard charger and was already a Junior VP at 28 in the Gorges Street Company, an exclusive hedge fund company that was a definite up and comer since the Platinum Corporation had undergone some rather massive changes recently.

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She was getting very frustrated when she noticed that a last minute bid by a new company had just come in. She called the number and was greeted by a very happy sounding woman who called herself Cindi.He had stated it had made him run anti-virus and check the coding and the hardware but nothing had come up. Annnnndddd I'm a bit of looker." Sarah said with a sly wink. "Well of course, given your taste in clothes it's obvious you like to showcase your body." The man said as he typed.