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From what she’s told me, it all sounds pretty appealing.As people’s lives become busier and as careers take off, your priorities shift.She assured me that the LDR of your 30’s is an entirely different beast than the one you endured in college.If you find yourself in a possible adult LDR, here are some nuggets of wisdom she passed on: 1. Communication is crucial in any relationship, from your best friend to the people at the laundromat, but in a long-distance relationship clear and constant communication is essential.If you’re an independent person by nature, this intrusion can be awkward.

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Say you meet a handsome stranger one night in the corner of a dark bar.

Make sure to have loose plans set in place for your visits, and be sure to share the financial burden. The thing that people don’t talk about when they discuss their long-distance relationships is the independence it affords you.

If plane tickets are involved, talk about splitting the cost, and make sure that you’re not the one shelling out 0 every month to go somewhere for a harried, busy weekend. Relationships are hard because all of a sudden you have to incorporate someone else’ life into your own.

It’s healthy and necessary to ask for — and deliver — status updates so that the other knows where things stand at all times. Thankfully, modern technology has made it super easy for you to get off whenever, however, wherever.

That is the beauty of the world we live in today, but there’s something about setting aside prescribed times to do it that feel tawdry or stifling in the worst possible ways. When you’re dating someone you see regularly, everything has the potential to be a door-slamming, brunch-leaving blowout.

Think of all the times anything you say is misinterpreted or taken out of context.

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